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Armin simon – ackermann, residing in herisau

born on 10. November 1952

e-mail: armin@simonweb.ch, phone + 4179 4591507

training as a screen printer

1980 – 1983  art school, Zurich

single – and group exhibitions including in glarus, zuerich, new york

images are art house, Canton Aargau, aarau, in the eternit ag, niederurnen, as well as in several private collections, u.a.sammlung nino vine, basel

 „What looks simple, can be a big challenge for the artists, as for the Viewer: monochrome colour surfaces depicting nothing and tell you anything.“ The mere presence of color initially only references itself: look, green! To create this colour experience, with the means of painting requires the forms are insistent on the artist continuously, to resist structures and content to give the color space. Armin Simon is working with pigments, which draws attention even more on the material itself, its properties, its behavior. Limited to the primary colors of red, blue, yellow, and white and black, he creates an image in up to a hundred layers of paint. „These are partially still visible at the edge of the image, but as a tangible tension beneath the surface and contribute of all to overall effectiveness and to develop, what this is all about: the color.“

 Text: Judith Annaheim, art projects of Zurich. Published on the occasion of the exhibition art Sarganserland-Walensee IV, museumbickel, Walenstadt